Age: 32, Lost 30 Pounds in 40 Days. Starting Weight 190 and after 8 months on JCORE is now down to 125 pounds!!!!


 After the death of my father I realized that I had to make a change. I come from an obese family and I did not want to lose my life to a health issue that I could change. My story is a lot like many people. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2004, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was taking medications for each that included Metformin, Levothyroxine, and Lisinopril. I was leading a life to an early death and I needed to do something. I had tried everything from other fitness dvd's to diet plans. The fitness dvd's were too long and I felt like I was starving with many of the diets. JCORE was different, it was simple and fit into my schedule. I performed the workouts before my daughter woke up and the meal plan was personalized to my needs. In 40 days I lost 30 pounds! As of September 28, 2012, I am COMPLETELY MEDICATION FREE with the exception of my thyroid medication.  I have sucessfully kicked diabetes' butt! JCORE has not only changed my life, it has literally SAVED MY LIFE. 



Age: 54, Lost 104 in the 2 years that he has been doing the JCORE System. 


JCORE saved my life! At 302 pounds I literally almost lost my life when I suffered from having an Abnormal Heart Rhythm. I needed change, but was too humiliated and embarrassed to go the gym. I felt that people would judge me for my appearance, so I committed myself to the JCORE program. I began at a slow pace and was thankful for the modification choice that each fitness dvd offered. It was a huge struggle. Literally speaking. However, Jay is very motivating and actually one of the fitness people in the Fire Fit workout was named Eric, so I always pretended that he was speaking directly to me! I gained confidence and noticed results immediately. The meal plan was simple and knowing what to eat took the thought process out! Today, I am 104 pounds lighter, 100% healthier and people cannot believe that I am 54 years old with six pack abs. JCORE is the “Gateway to Fitness”.  It gave me the confidence to experience new wellness activities and gave me back my LIFE...



Total Pounds Lost 25lbs. (Start weight 198lbs, End Weight 173lbs)


If I had to summarize in one word what JCORE gave me, it would be CONFIDENCE. I have never felt as good about my body and how I feel in a dress as I do now, after completing the JCORE program. In my occupation I am constantly on the road and entertaining celebrity clientele. Before I began JCORE, I can remember feeling so insecure about how I looked in a dress or how others might perceive my appearance. Forty days later and 23 fabulous pounds lighter, I now look forward to putting on dress and stepping out for a night on the town. JCORE changed my life. I really thought that I was trapped in my old body. Thank you JCORE and Jay for helping me realize how beautiful I really am.  



Start Weight: 233.4 lbs.     End Weight: 206 lbs.

Size 40 to Size 34

Totals: 27.4 lbs. and 22 inches

Shadner is 34 years old, single and works in Finance. He was 233.4 lbs, a size 40 and wanted to lose about 25 lbs. Before he started JCore, he worked out a few hours a week. He wanted to get lean, get into great shape and tone up his abs.


After only 7 days , with JCore he lost 7.4 lbs! Shadner found the workouts amazing and challenging. His body got stronger and more toned. His stamina went through the roof! Shadner learned about proper nutrition and portion control with the JCore Meal Plan.


When Shadner completed his 40 days, he lost 27.4 lbs. and lost 22 inches! Now he needs a new wardrobe at 206 lbs!



Start Weight: 144.6 lbs.      End Weight: 129.6 lbs.

Size 4 to Size 2

Totals: 15 lbs. and 11 ¼ inches

Brittany is 24 years old, single and a Writer for a national magazine. Brittany wanted to lose about 10 lbs., tone up and improve her overall fitness level. She didn't follow any specific diet and would take a yoga or spin class sporadically.


After 7 days, Brittany lost 5 lbs!


Brittany couldn't believe she shaved inches from her midsection and lost that much weight in just one week! She could already see some definition in her stomach. The rapid results are also encouraging her to try her hardest and be strict with the meal plan. "It's incredible how your body can start to transform in 7 days!"


After 40 days, Brittany lost 15 lbs. and 11 ¼ inches!


Age: 31, Lost 39 Pounds in 40 Days 


As Program Manager for a Telecommunications company, a father and husband, I had no time to workout or take care of myself. I had completely let myself go and literally ballooned up to over 270 pounds with a body fat percentage of 40%! Everyone, from my family, friends and my medical doctor told me that I needed to make a change. It did not hit home until I saw my daughter replicating my poor food choices. That broke my heart and at that point I decided I had to do something. I had learned about JCORE through a friend and saw the change that it had made in his life. I was so taken back after the 10 minute Fit Test that I couldn't believe I was dripping with sweat and felt like I just ran a marathon with only a Fit Test!!! 40 Days later I lost a total of 39 pounds. To date, I  have lost close to 50 total pounds in 6 months. WOW! I have recommended JCORE to everyone I speak to about my weight loss. I am stopped almost daily and complimented on my progress. It has changed my life and the way that I think about food and exercise. Most importantly it has changed the way that my family and I treat our bodies. 



Start Weight: 134.4 lbs.     End Weight: 120.2 lbs.

Size 6 to Size 2

TOTALS: 14.2 lbs. and 11 ½ inches

Nicole is 28 years old, single and a Designer for a national clothing company. She wanted to lose 5 to 8 pounds and tone her arms, butt and thighs. Nicole exercised 3 to 5 times a week and ate healthy meals.


After 7 days, with JCore she lost 1.8 lbs! Nicole's weight loss was gradual and steady.


She feels slimmer and slightly tighter. "I love it! The workout is effective and most importantly quick, which is very unique and beneficial for my lifestyle. It's fast, effective, easy to follow and brings big results. I especially like that you need no equipment and little space. It's the ideal workout for someone with a busy schedule".


After 40 days, Nicole lost 14.2 lbs. and 11 ½ inches! She dropped 2 dress sizes! Now she needs a new wardrobe!



Start Weight: 199.2     End Weight: 181.2

Size 34 to Size 32/33

TOTALS: 18 lbs. and 13 inches

Dustin is 30 years old, single and a Corporate Recruiter. He has been active physically, but until now, hasn't been able to achieve his goals of losing weight,

Tone up and lose leg and belly fat. Dustin had been working out 5 to 6 times a week.


After 7 days with JCore, Dustin lost 5 lbs.!


Dustin is extremely happy with the results, but not surprised given Jay's credentials. He feels lighter on his feet, healthier and like his body has gone through a cleansing.


After 40 days, Dustin lost 18 lbs. and 13 inches! Dustin feels the JCore System is incredibly effective and he believes it is the ideal kick-start for ANYONE looking to get in better shape. No weights, no magical machines, or anything. " Follow Jay's 20 minute workout, follow the diet and your a good to go."


Start Weight: 133 lbs.     End Weight: 123 lbs.

Size 6 to Size 4

Totals: 10 lbs. and 13 ¾ inches

Kelly is 33 years old, single and a Web Manager. She weighed 133 lbs., was a size 6 and wanted to have more energy and feel better. Kelly didn't follow a regular fitness or diet program. She found herself inactive and ate "tons of junk food."


After 7 days on JCore, she lost 7.2 lbs! Even after 5 days, Kelly could see the difference in her body ... her belly was smaller and tighter and her posture improved. The Meal Plan worked for Kelly because it has options. Kelly feels that this is exactly the kick in the pants she needed to jumpstart her life change.


With JCore ABT Kelly lost 10 lbs. and 13 ¾ inches after 40 days! She is now a size 4!



Start Weight: 176 lbs.     End Weight: 159 lbs.

Size 36 to Size 32

TOTALS: 17 Pounds and 13 "

Steve is a 36 year old, newly single and works as a Computer Programmer.

When he started JCore, he didn't follow a fitness or diet program. Steve "let

himself go last summer and was looking to get back to basics and back in shape!"


After 7 days, Steve lost 2.6 lbs. with JCore! He was shocked that he lost 2 lbs. and more importantly 2 inches off his waist in one week.


He feels stronger, leaner, more flexible and has a greater sense of balance and posture. He also has more confidence. He loves the workouts and regrets all of the hours he wasted at the gym. He feels the meal plan is easy to follow and looks forward to the meals.


At the end of 40 days with JCore, Steve lost 17 lbs. and 13 inches! Steve says

"Overall, I feel more powerful and more in control. My tighter and stronger core has given me so much more than cosmetic results. I have better posture and less pain from every day chores such as working 9 hours a day at a desk, or going for a jog and working out."


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