Why It Works

The Science Behind the System

The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation system is based on RAPID MUSCLE RESPONSE® instruction and training. It quickly stimulates your muscles to raise your metabolism to burn fat, through a special combination of strengthening and stabilizing movements. These movements are done in targeted 30-Second Result Blasts, which Fast Flow from one to the next. Done in 20-minute workout sets, these Result Blasts deliver much faster, much better weight loss and toning results than traditional cardio and strength training.

Here is the secret formula to JCORE™ Accelerated Body Transformation™:
Rapid Muscle Response®
+ 30-Second Result Blasts™
+ Fast Flow™
= Accelerated Body Transformation

What is Rapid Muscle Response? The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System stimulates your muscles by forcing YOUR brain to fire more rapidly, to get your muscles to react more rapidly and make adjustments to your body’s position. These responses are motivated by challenges such as standing on one leg while performing other exercises. Similar to joint stability training and core strengthening, Rapid Muscle Response instruction and training also has your brain tell your body to re-stabilize, by taking each joint and muscle through various angles and full ranges of motion. This means your muscles get worked from all angles, so they have no choice but to react rapidly — to burn fat and rebuild! And they get conditioned to work smart and burn — even on your days off!

What are 30-Second Result Blasts? 30-Second Result Blasts are how Jay helps you get maximum results, as you change exercises every 30 seconds. Each exercise is designed to drive optimum results, burn more fat, and sculpt more lean muscle every 30 seconds you do it. This means, every 30 seconds you are seeing results!

What is Fast Flow? Jay’s workouts are sequenced in a Fast Flow, so you move seamlessly and efficiently between exercises, to burn more fat and reshape you from head to toe!

That’s Accelerated Body Transformation in action!