Complete Plan

Do you want to change your life? In only 20 minutes? With no weights? Then, I challenge you join me on this 40-day journey to get in the best shape of your life, without changing your lifestyle. I created my JCORE™ Accelerated Body Transformation™ system so that you can get the body you want in the little time your busy schedule allows. It includes a 6-set DVD Series featuring (5) dynamic workout programs that require just you — and, no equipment and little time. This system also comes with an easy-to-follow meal plan for your weight loss goal, complete with fitness tips and delicious recipes. I understand fitness struggles and have committed myself to help you succeed!
Are you with me?

The success of other JCore customers is proof that this program will get you results in just 40 days. Plus, we're so sure you'll love this program, we're giving you our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to return JCore within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.

The JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System is a hybrid conditioning and training program that blends incredibly effective cardiovascular, strength, agility and core balance exercises. This unique program has rewritten the standard for weight loss and healthy living. Now, in just 20 MINUTES a day, 4 DAYS a week — with a TOTAL WORKOUT TIME OF 8 HOURS over 40 days — the JCORE program gives you the weight loss and strengthening results you demand! Compare that to many programs that require you to workout 8 hours each and every week to see any progress.

The JCORE system is designed for “simplicity.” It helps you create healthy changes in your body without changing your lifestyle. The system includes (5) dynamic fitness videos as follows: Rev Up, Cardio Core 4x4, Fire Fit, Hard Core & Release, (1) Intro/Fit Test video, 40-day nutritional meal plan with fit tips and recipes, 40-day rotational calendar and free 30-days live streaming “Workout Wednesdays with Jay”.

A USB DRIVE is available to purchase for the convenience of traveling with JCore. It includes all videos mentioned above and a PDF digital version of the 40-day nutritional meal plan. (Operating System Requirement: Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 or MAC 10.6+)



Intro/ Fit Test

This DVD introduces you to Jay and the 40-Day journey you will be taking with him. It teaches you some of the workout moves you will doing and also includes a Fit Test to measure your results along the way.


Rev Up

This workout will “ignite” your mind and body with powerful moves that fluidly send your muscles into overdrive. Whether you start or finish your day with Rev Up, this workout is sure to kick start your metabolism, while building your lean muscle.


Cardio Core 4 × 4

Experience the workout that has built some of the best bodies in Hollywood. Cardio Core 4 x 4 was developed to provide busy, traveling celebrities the ability to train in a limited amount of space. This workout offers a unique blend of cardio and lean body sculpting that is all about challenging your muscles with targeted strength training from a variety of different angles, using varied tempos.


Fire Fit

Kick your body into high gear with Fire Fit! This 20-minute lean muscle-sculpting and fat-torching workout is a surefire way to turn on the heat. Fire Fit simultaneously incorporates upper and lower body strengthening through multi-angle muscle moves and plyometrics, which will set your confidence and calorie burn on fire!



This targeted super-toning core routine blasts your mid-section from every angle. Hardcore does not place unwanted stress on your neck, or lower back region, as many traditional core routines do. The workout is simplistic in nature — yet intense — as it is designed for maximum calorie and fat burn.



You’ll feel alive and renewed after this program, as you relish in moves that twist, turn and extend your muscles at various angles. Whether you’re “reaching” to new lengths with your muscles, or developing symmetry throughout your back and core, Release provides a powerful, exhilarating sequence of moves that will literally revive your body.



JCore supplies you with an easy to follow meal plan, which is divided into four 10-day periods each a bit different. The 40-day meal plan that you choose for your JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation, will not only help you achieve your desired weight loss goals, but will also help you to maintain that weight loss. The meal plans dictate how many servings of each food group you should consume at each meal in order to meet your caloric goals. We provide an easy to follow chart and give you plenty of options to keep it simple.


40-Day Rotational Calendar

JCore supplies an easy to follow rotational calendar that you can hang up anywhere convenient to keep track of your schedule.



JCore has dedicated itself to providing innovative supplements to help you achieve your weight loss and health living goals safely and effectively. JCore has developed four innovative supplements with formulas that we highly recommend you use for optimal results. The supplements provide human clinical data that shows increased metabolism, increased fat breakdown, reduction of calories by 30% and increased recovery time after working out. These supplements work and taste great!


Calorie-free and caffeine-free dietary drink mix, with patented PURE & NATURAL 94% Teavigo® EGCG Green Tea Extract. Human clinical studies show Teavigo® will increase metabolism and reduce body fat. Drink 3 times a day, mixed with 6 ounces of water, for the full clinical dose.
Zero-Lite is available in two delicious flavors: Raspberry Lemonade & Lemonade.



Dietary snack replacement mix, with patented 8-hour appetite-curbing Fabuless® that provides all the proteins, carbs, and fats for a snack. Human clinical studies show that Fabuless® will reduce calorie intake by 30% and prevent weight regain after dieting. Body-Lite is available in two delicious flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla.



Recovery drink mix with patented recovery enhancing PeptoPro® that provides all 20 amino acids. Human clinical studies show PeptoPro® will increase muscle recovery and performance. Recovery-Lite is available in two delicious flavors: Fruit Punch & Lemonade.



This complex multivitamin will provide necessary vitamins, minerals, veggies, and enzymes on a daily basis.